Fixed Fee Recruitment

Want better recruitment results at a fraction of the cost? Find out about our flexible packages for all job levels and for any budget.


italent helps you leave behind traditional recruitment agencies without having to do everything yourself. Our packages are up to 80% more cost effective - you not only save a significant amount on fees but on time and energy as well. Focus on running your business whilst we widen your search to bring you the best talent available at one fixed rate. When signing up with italent, you can even hire unlimited candidates per position at no additional cost. Get italented and find the best employee out there.

What We Provide

We know talent acquisition isn’t one-size-fits-all, which is why our account managers get to know you and your business. Working with you to customise your recruitment process, italent gets your job description to the best candidates. The right employee is out there – and we can make them your next hire by:

  • Posting your advertisement on market leading and niche job boards.
  • Gathering the right candidates through CV databases and social media.
  • Hand-filtering applications to give you a smarter selection of candidates.
  • Providing flexible packages for all job levels and any budget.
What We Provide

“italent is by far the most effective global recruitment tool I have ever used. We hire consultants from the UK, Europe and Asia and have significantly lowered our cost per hire.” – Gary Powell

We hand filter, you review and select

One of the biggest challenges for any company recruiting is filtering through all the irrelevant candidate that apply for your vacancies.

That's why here at italent we have a team of professional recruiters that do this for you - allowing you to get straight to the best candidates as fast as possible.

By using our system, your hiring process has never been simpler. Say goodbye to manual data entry, sorting through emails, compiling spreadsheets, or remembering to follow up with applicants

All the applicants come into our online system allowing you to easily browse the candidates and monitor their progress throughout the hiring process.


  Entry Level Mid Level Niche
  Package1 4000 AED Package 2 8000 AED Package 3 Call Us
Full recruitment brief taken
Full advert optimisation
Posting on our online job board network
Relevance filtering by our in-house team
Shorlisted Candidates received into our online system
Candidate search across major CV datebases + Linkedin
Guaranteed result *
Niche candidate resouces + Nationwide Campaigns

* Service Level Agreement on Package 2 & 3

After receiving full details of the role, we can agree to deliver a specific number of relevant candidates that meet your criteria. If we do not achieve this number, we will re-run the campaign free of charges, and if that still does not meet the agreed number, we will credit your account with a free campaign to use on another role.


Recruitment is a fundamental part of my job, therefore, dealing with italent was an invaluable investment made by us to assist in our resourcing requirements. The service provided by italent was very professional; they understood our requirements and criteria which resulted in quality candidates. Customer service is crucial to their business and they have this in abundance. I would 100%...  >> Read More

Aruna Tak - HR Director


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30 - Jun - 2015

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Correct. We charge one upfront flat fee. We do not charge commissions or any hiden fees. .


We charge per vacancy not per person. This means if you are looking for multiple people for a role then we are a fantastic option. Lets assume your company is looking to hire some business development managers, and we provided you with 20 filtrered candidates who matched your requirement, you could hire all 20 and it wouldnt cost any extra


Typically when people enlist a recruitment agency they will give the role to three or four different agents. This means you have hired four people and are only going to pay one.

Recruitment agencies are expensive because they have to compensate for every time another agency beats them to the hire! We also intregrate technology in such a way that streamlines the process and allows us to be really efficient in sourcing and filtering the candidates.


The makor difference between us and a recruitment agency from a service perspective is that we dont speak or interview candidates. We understand that know one knows your business like yourself so we leave that side to yourself. We still find the candidates and filter them into a managable number as a agency would do - and for a significant difference in price!


We can source most candidates. We do not do blue collar or top tier senior management. We have successfully sourced a range of roles from lawyers, accountants, HR directors, business development directors, heads of marketing.


We dont just advertise the vacancy. We have access to millions of candidates via databases and we also use LinkedIn to find people who match the criteria you are looking for. We will send messages to these candidates letting them know about the role and once they show interest and send a CV it will be uploaded and filtered into your system.


Having your own careers site is great but are you attracting the right kind of candidates? The benefit of using our service is we know where to find the best candidates for the role.


You will be assigned a dedicated account manager who be in in touch ensuring your campaign is going well. If for any reason you arent finding the candidates you need we will make changes to the campaign to ensure you do