italent products and services deliver fantastic results, but don’t just take our word for it. Our clients have a lot to say about how we’ve helped them become italented.

James Nicholson - General Manager

Having worked in the UAE in excess of 10 years it is somewhat of a relief to find an enterprise that actually delivers on what they promise, particularly in the recruitment field. Having used a wide variety of suppliers in our time here we have found the majority to be expensive, ineffective and despite repeated meetings, oblivious to our requirements. Having dealt with italent we were impressed not only in terms of speed and cost but also the functionality of the site and the quality of candidates that we were presented with. italent are certainly a business we would use again and a company we would recommend to anyone, the team of highly motivated people really made them a pleasant business to deal with.

Gary Powell - Sales Director

I was completely surprised at how easy the system was to use, it added value at every stage of the recruitment cycle from posting the jobs to the short-listing and tracking of the candidates.

Maitreya Chandrasekaran - Head of HR

I was completely surprised at how easy the system was to use, it added value at every stage of the recruitment cycle from posting the jobs to the short-listing and tracking of the candidates. This product is not only operationally effective but also cost effective, I can honestly say this is the most complete end to end recruitment solution i have ever seen.

Ben Goodman - Director of Business Development

Nexa have always been skeptical about using a recruitment company’s services due to the cost, the service levels and the feeling of harassment from the recruitment company itself. We used to do exactly what Adam speaks about in his 60 seconds presentation. We used to advertise on LinkedIn, Dubizzle and some of the job portals. With this we always get a large response but have to sift through hundreds of applications, many of which are not even relevant to the posted position. It is a huge waste of time and effort. With Adam’s service they do the job posting and the filtering for you. I asked them to look for a business development manager for me. The requirements from me were simple. I talked to them on Thursday and by Sunday I already had over 300 applicants, of which they had filtered 20 to fit my requirements most closely. After two weeks I had over 800 applicants and 76 filtered to my requirements. I can’t imagine having had to sift through these myself. Adam’s team guide you through the process all the way through and ensure that you can work the system and are getting the best out it. They even call you and suggest applicants within the 76 they recommend. The problem I had was having more great applicants than positions. italent is absolutely exceptional because the product itself is fantastic and the customer service given is second to none.

Janne Kilpelainen - General Manager

For some reason, I find hiring people quite difficult. Finding time to source the candidates, schedule interviews, ask the right questions and make decision is not easy and for a reason or another I don’t quite like doing it. But yet I’m in desperate need of good quality candidates and employees, as any growing business in Dubai. In the past, I’ve tried direct adverts, job portals, head hunters and recruitment agencies, but none of them really worked perfectly for me. The scale of applications you get is overwhelming and separating good candidates from bad candidates takes time and is not easy. That’s when I was ready to try something different and Tom from italent came along. As usual, I set the job profile, which italent advertised on my behalf. They shortlisted a good number of candidates, which saved me time. Their easy to use recruitment tool also impressed as I was able to manage applications at ease. Compared to my earlier recruiting, I was saving time and money. And the best part, I’m able to keep the candidates in the database for any future employee needs. I can strongly recommend italent for anyone’s recruitment needs and I’m happy to use them in the future as well.

Labib Nasr - General Manager

italent has helped us with our recruitment needs on numerous positions. Their simply to use methods have made hiring an easier process. Their level of service and the quality of candidates received through them have exceeded our expectations time after time. We are proud to be associated with italent