italent products and services deliver fantastic results, but don’t just take our word for it. Our clients have a lot to say about how we’ve helped them become italented.

Clif Colier - Group Managing Director

I just wanted to share how impressed I've been and how quickly I saw the value in italent service, not only to consolidate our advertising efforts, but to also significantly reduce the time spent by HR filtering irrelevant CV's and sourcing via Linkedin. As a global business we are familiar with cloud based technologies and italent gives us a clear, transparent, sourcing platform for all the partners to have access to. You were also very responsive and contributed well beyond what I expected. Many thanks and we will certainly be using again in the future and recommending you whenever we can.

Amira El Sheikh - Corporate Recruitment Manager

italent provided us with the necessary online tools and support to help us facilitate swift and cost effective recruitment.

Jesse Vora - Sales Director

italent has proven to be a valuable tool for our business. Not only has it provided us with the results we were searching for, it allowed us to save time and money throughout the hiring process.

Ramez Helou - Sales Trainer

As my sales training & consulting business is growing, we discovered that more and more customers were having a hard time finding the right sales people. With our most recent assignment to find 2 sales managers for Zen Interiors, I decided to use your services at italent for the second time in order to advertise for these positions and then sort the CV's as per our client?s requirement. We know that recruiting the right people is a challenge and the only way to overcome this is by widening the search to generate enough options to make the best possible decision. We then conduct a rigorous screening and sales assessment on the short listed applicants and only put in front of the client 6 candidates that passed our stringent criteria. The client was really impressed with whom they met and I am pleased to say that they have selected the top 2 candidates that surpassed their expectations in a record time of 3 weeks. Simply put, your team has removed the stress and hassle it would have taken us to sort through the 600+ CV's received in order to get to evaluate the right candidates before submitting them to our client to interview. If you are looking to recruit new staff, I would highly recommend you speak with Tom to discover how his team can help take away the pain of doing so. They will get the job done and give you peace of mind.

Elsa Roodt - Co-Founder

I would like to thank you and the italent team for the services we received. We have been trying to fill a PR Director role for well over 12 months using our own contacts and posting on a selection of jobsites. All our efforts fell of deaf ears and we saw no results. We looked at many options of getting a recruiter involved but our budgets didn’t allow us to do so. That’s when we decided to go with italent and they managed to get the campaign for the PR Director up in a day and the results where impressive. We had top-notch candidates within 48 hours. I was honestly amazed at the quality and volume of excellent candidates you produced. We are very pleased with the service and I will recommend this to all my friends and business associates as the way forward in recruiting.

Stewart Arbuckle - Managing Director

I would like to thank you for the role you and your team played in sourcing for me an ideal sales person. My industry is a very specialized one and finding an experienced sales person is not so easy. I was impressed with firstly the speed at which you processed my recruitment vacancy and secondly with the timely response with which I was able to view a qualified batch of cv’s. Topping this was your personal involvement in targeting the ideal candidate for which I am happy to say we have offered them the position and they have accepted.