How to write a Job Description

23 - Jul - 2015

How to write the perfect job description ?

If you have experience in posting job descriptions and looking for new staff on board, you must know how to make the most out of it. Certainly, there are times when the list of candidates seems to not fit your expectations... In times like these, you may be wondering:

Where did we go wrong with our company's job description?

The first thing you should know is that a job description in its pure form is always too much detailed. In order to make the most out of it, your job is to present all the details in the nicest way possible - preventing distraction in any kind at the potential applicants.

In order to do this right, we recommend some of our best techniques in writing a standout job description:

1. Start with an appealing phrase or question

The first interaction that the applicant has with you is the headline of your job description. For example, some of the proven best ways to start it are questions or phrases like 'Want to work as a developer in an award-winning company' or maybe 'Innovative company looking for the-top notch developers'. 

2. Short descriptions are always better!

Keeping your job posting short and concise is the way to a great conversion. For example, you should list the most important skills, qualities and experience that a candidate must have - or maybe should have?

3. Preferred and required - and how to use them

Using preferred and required is another scope of job descriptions. There are certainly things a candidate must possess in order to apply - which are for the category 'required'. The other things which usually make the difference in selection should go in 'preferred' - most commonly some experience, diplomas etc.

4. Use a human voice

Robotic job descriptions are all over the Internet and daily postings, right?

Making a difference and standing out from them is simply going with the human approach of expressing yourself. After all, no one would like to work in a company where from a simple posting you can see that the organizational culture is intriguing.

That is why a human voice is always needed. Making the candidate relaxed and with a good feeling to apply will hopefully be the result in the end.


All in all, a company must strive to differentiate their job descriptions from the generic ones which are likely missed out by the potential candidates. With keeping it short, expressing a natural and friendly voice as well as using some catchy headlines and phrases within the posting - your job description will definitely be unique and effective!



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