How to interview candidates in the right way

09 - Aug - 2015

How to interview candidates in the right way ?

Many factors are critical to a company's success. However, a big slice of the pie goes to abilities in recruitment - or in other words, knowing how to hire the best people for the jobs available.

Selecting, motivating, developing and retaining top employees is definitely a hard process. It is also a process which is tightly connected to the success of the company - and that is why it is extremely important. Hiring people with enthusiasm, engagement to work and simply greatness in what they do is difficult from a point of an interview.

This will teach you how to prepare for a job interview on your side - as well as which aspects to focus on and which questions to ask.

We have created 2 bullet lists to guide you through the process of successful job interviews:

The Key Points to Effectiveness:

  • staying focused and conscious during the interview
  • overcoming emotions and focus on maximum control
  • listening at least 80% of the time

Some of the proven recruitment formulas follow:

  • job skills + people skills = a successful work behavior
  • past behavior = future behavior


And now you may be asking - how to prepare and what to focus on throughout the interview?


Apart from these short bullet lists, we also examined the way of preparing for a successful and effective interview. In order to be ready for anything and everything - and get the best results from a single interview, one should do as following:

  1. Job Analysis - Find out the candidate's most critical competencies, experience and knowledge
  2. Create your pitch - of the exact job description for the interview
  3. Read and observe information from candidate's resume and reference letters
  4. Decide the duration time - which should be less than an hour
  5. Write job specific questions (technical)
  6. Write emotional intelligence competency questions (ex. 'How would you react if...?';' Can you tell me a time when you experienced...?' etc.)
  7. Indicate problem behavior question (ex. 'What was the problem that got you fired?' etc.)

The Interviewing Process

During the interviewing process, you should do the following:

  1. Ask for specific job skills and education competency questions you prepared
  2. Ask interpersonal skills competency questions - to find out the EQ (emotional intelligence). Remember, in most of the cases these questions are 70% of the decision you'll make!
  3. Take notes on the answers and potential problem behaviors
  4. Take notes on career development as well
  5. Call references

Complete a hiring rating sheet with ratings on general impressions


All in all, making good hiring decisions is a result of great preparation and proper research. Additionally, it is also a matter of how the job description will be posted.

However, for the best candidates who will apply - it is your responsibility to dig deeper and explore the emotional aspect of their character.



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