Contingency Recruitment

Contingency Recruitment

Contingency recruitment primarily hinges on meeting the recruitment needs of our clients by identifying candidates that have experience and the required skills from our extensive database, which we have continued to build on.

It is a continuous process for us at Italent, to attract job seekers across the many industries under our belt. Candidates approach us from different industries and coupled with our ongoing online and offline advertising, we?re able to deliver some of the best qualifies hands to our clients.

We value relationships, so we go a step further to foster partnerships that guarantee results. We don?t even stop there! We ensure that candidates we supply to clients? organizations are well-vetted and fit for specific job roles.
Our long list of ideal candidates stems from our proven track record to always deliver ?candidates receive the right service with a fantastic array of opportunities at their beck and call.

With the help of our contingency service, we will use the detailed briefing of the requirements to pinpoint and shortlist candidates currently on our list. We will present these candidates?who are ideal for various positions?to our clients for an interview and subsequent selection. We always fulfill our part of the bargain?interview candidates and reference check them?before pushing them out to you.

In recruiting the right candidates with the right skills, competencies, and value, Italent employs innovative approaches and effective operational discipline to recruit great minds and improve on our services for better results.

We utilize a unique operational strategy that allows us to align with our goals and objectives of being a candidate-driven and client-driven recruitment firm. We take it upon ourselves to understand the needs and expectations of clients and candidates.

Our recruiting experience across several industries has helped us deliver, time and time again on our promise. We ensure that at the end of the day we create a win-win situation for both parties?clients and candidates. Little wonder we have become a reference point in bringing the best hands to all the industries we specialize in.

Be assured that we will offer all the services that you?re familiar with from a traditional contingency recruiter. Again, you?ll benefit from our network of ideal candidates that are ready to work for your organization.
Every role under our care is uniquely taken to the market, as we headhunt on your behalf regardless of the level of staff. We do recruitment right and by leveraging on our experience, you?re better positioned.

At Italent, contingency candidates are treated with the same level of professionalism and discretion as we do with other search options, and using this medium, we can help you achieve your career goals.

We will put our expertise to work and link you with a potential employer seeking your services. Going forward, you?ll be happier to have used our services and landed the job you seek for so long a time.
We are only a call away to meeting your needs. Wouldn?t you rather do business with us?